What is the「二维码」?

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Hello, I’m Jack. Today I will introduce “二维码”.


“二维码” has become an indispensable word for people living in China.

What is the “二维码”?

The meaning of “二维码” is QR code. Divide the “二维码” into two. They are “二维” and “码”. “二维” means two “weaves”. “维” has the meaning of a thick rope that ties things together, tying them together, and preserving them.码 is a tool that indicates numbers, a measure that counts things. It also has the meaning of accumulating as a verb. I feel that the Japanese kanji character “維” has taken on the color of managing the whole and tightening the system, in addition to the meaning of rope and tying than the Mandarin word “维”.

Example sentence of “二维码”

Read by QR code is 用二维码扫描一下 (Yòng èr wéi mǎ sǎo miáo yī xià) , if abbreviated as 扫一下 (Sǎo yī xià).


・”二维码” means “QR code” in Japanese
・”Read with QR code” is 用二维码扫描一下(Yòng èr wéi mǎ sǎo miáo yī xià)


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