I’ve thought about it several times, but “精华” is unique!

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Hello, I’m Jack. Today I would like to introduce you to “精华”.


“精確、精密”precise, “精通”proficient are easy to associate with Mandarin from Japanese kanji, but “精华” is unique.I’m curious if the “finger” and the turtle’s “dragon” are attached.

What is “精×”?

“精確、精密,精通” in Japanese translate into Mandarin as precision, precision, and mastery. The Japanese word for “精華” is “精华” (Jīng huá) in Mandarin. “精華” means the essence, the important core, not the periphery.

The Chinese word “精” carries the meaning of selected rice, spirit, monster, savvy and meticulous. The Japanese kanji character for “精” is the god of mountain rivers, and has evolved with the addition of a single line.

The kanji for “精” is associated with god and spirit, spirit and new. It would be great if something new could be created from the spirit.


・”精华” means the essence, the important core, not the periphery.
・”精” is progressing evolution by overlapping Japanese kanji with Chinese kanji.


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